Why Me

I currently teach writing in college but, in prior years, I taught middle school and high school English and language arts. Like many teachers, I excel at working with students and encouraging them to reach their potential, but unlike many teachers, I am a writer. I write regularly and actively publish my work in literary and academic journals. With me, writing isn’t simply about theory, my knowledge doesn’t come only from professional development and textbooks. It comes from experience. I know what students need in order to be successful writers in school, especially at the college level, and in their own creative endeavors.


Workshops: I teach workshops on both nonfiction writing and creative writing — including personal narratives, short stories, and pose poetry — in schools and libraries. These workshops are meant to sharpen attention to detail in writing. Yes, they align with state standards, but they are designed to make the writing process fun. Writing isn’t just a necessary skill in school, it’s an avenue of self-expression and a means to convey pertinent information. A student who writes well can excel in any academic path they choose.

Home School Consulting: Developing a curriculum for multiple subjects can be a challenge. I have years of experience teaching writing to students of all ages. I work with students individually and in small groups to help them develop the skills they will need to excel academically.

Inservice/Professional Development for Teachers: I run workshops for teachers so they can learn new techniques for teaching nonfiction writing or personal narrative writing. These workshops can be adapted for teachers of all levels.

College Prep Workshops and Tutoring: Writing in college is a very different experience than writing in high school. Too often, I have students struggling in college and they don’t know why writing is suddenly difficult. I can help prepare them for the transition by improving their analytical skills and sharpening their ability to layer the content of an essay in a logical manner.

Tutoring: Sometimes, in order to succeed in a particular subject, a student simply needs a different perspective. I tutor students in both English and History. In fact, aside from writing creatively, my strength is writing papers that delve into historical topics.

College Essays: Getting into the college of your dreams can be a challenging endeavor. One’s personal essay is a key component of the application process. Let me help your son or daughter prepare an essay that will catch the attention of the admission’s board.

Contact Information

If you have interest in any of my services, or would like further information, please contact me, Elizabeth Jaeger, at